Ship / Marine / Vessels / Galley Cleaning Services in Dubai

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Ship / Marine / Vessels / Galley Cleaning Services: any area within or around boat, yachts or ships (or even submarines) or marine environments, including dock sides and ports can be cleaned well but require a high level of knowledge of what to use, how to use it and how to work within the confines of the ever-increasing body of legislation affecting every country of the world. So care needs to be taken in what to do to comply with this legislation but also to keep the ship in a clean and healthy condition. Ship hold cleaning is especially critical given the vast variety of cargo carried throughout the world’s oceans. Nothing these days can be dumped or discharged at sea, if it is it may require considerable remediation. In most cases underwater cleaning and polishing produces superior finishes to the finish obtained during dry-dock cleaning. Quality Care Marine Division also provides asbestos removal pursuant to OSHA guidelines as part of its multi-faceted range of services to the industry.


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